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Cloudforests Cool Partners Programme

Here at Devtech we are very excited to be taking action or more aptly taking Climate action by joining the Coolpartner programme.

The Coolpartner programme is an initiative set up by whose stated mission is to help save the planet with their focus on climate change & environmental protection

Cloudforest are directly investing in land to plant native trees using existing plantations and forests that have been forgotten or neglected and have partnered with Ireland’s leading foresters to implement their plan.

To date CoolPartners have planted over 25,000 trees, with thousands more to be planted over the coming months and years. This results in Carbon Sequestration which takes Carbon Dioxide out of the atmosphere and will directly result in the earth becoming cooler.

Their plan is to create one hundred forests along Ireland’s Wild Atlantic Way. These forests are solely being created for the planet and feature HD live video streaming, pollinator friendly wildflowers, miniature bat caves, and bird nesting boxes. This is climate action for the digital age.

As a third generation family company with deep roots into, and commitment to, the communities we work with, this climate action initiative aligns with our history of giving back to the community, which along with protecting our planet is a value we share with the Cloudforest mission.

Devtech are already determined to help businesses & schools achieve their sustainability goals and by joining this CoolPartner programme it will help in a small but meaningful way to protect the planet for future generations.

Already there are just under forty companies that have signed up for the CoolPartner Programme who are supporting this local innovative and far seeing climate action company.

Devtech are fully committed to being a sustainable company and have been working hard to support businesses and schools all schools across Ireland, providing audits and assessments with a view to reducing print and supplies overheads.

These audits help each customer to reach their environmental goals, through their print infrastructure, and as Leigh Tomlin from Devtech Business Systems states “ We are constantly assessing our company to reach our own sustainability goals and to reduce our own carbon footprint, and in partnership with Cloudforests  it is another step in that direction.”

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