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Last week, Epson published their Climate Reality Barometer 2022.

The blog covers a global outlook,  how people and businesses are changing their behaviours and what Epson can do to help.

As part of our 2022 Climate Reality Barometer, we sought to discover what respondents feel should be the most urgent issue for governments, corporations, and people around the world. Currently, the world is amid a global economic downturn whilst inflation is taking hold, leading to significant price rises.

Despite this, climate change is very much at the forefront of people’s priorities. In the Americas, 20% cite climate change as the most urgent issue global focus must center on, just behind fixing the economy (23%) and rising prices (22%). This prioritization is being driven by the youngest (24.9% of 16-24-year-olds) and oldest generations (25.9% of 55+).

People are increasingly seeing the signs and the reality is really sinking in. We are at the point where we cannot let climate change fall by the wayside. But we must ensure that it does not become overshadowed by other issues such as the economic downturn.

Follow the link to read their full 2022 Climate Reality Barometer.

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