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Help your office reduce its CO2 footprint while saving money time and the environment. 

For over 30 years, Devtech Business Systems have specialised in office equipment and supplies. We will be proactive ensuring that we meet your requirements and look forward to providing you with an insightful free audit.


Asset Management

Keeping outdated equipment wastes power because of energy leaks. Our Managed Print Service ensures that all your office equipment is fully monitored and managed.

In larger companies group facilities would lay out the criteria to an outsourced third party to track and report on the reduction of carbon emissions. At Devtech we enable you to monitor your energy usage, ensuring you utilise your various devices in the most energy efficient way. 

Having a preventative maintenance service in place for all your office assets will help to prolong the life span and efficiency of your devices. 


Make print-related issues a thing of the past

The brands that we work with in Devtech have a strong environmental focus and along with our goals will help to benefit your company and the planet. These are some of the many reasons we work with Epson and RISO.  

Paper is still very much a part of business and is not going to disappear in the near future so while we are in the transition phase lets see how we can help you improve your sustainability practices in the office.


Reduce Power Consumption

The Epson and Riso printers combine extensive functionality and fast printing with extremely economical printing along with low energy consumption – all in a single system.

Printing can use a lot of electricity, which is another environmental concern. That being said good office printers now make use of renewable energy sources, minimising their carbon footprint. 

Devtech printers use less electricity due to their innovative technology

All of RISO’s printers and MFDs are environmentally friendly, require no heat, emit no ozone or particles, meaning no special compensatory cooling or ventilation is required, whilst they are extremely power efficient too.


Optimise your printing

Your business may have a selection of printers around the office using multiple brands. With our business audit we can identify over-used and cost-heavy devices gaining you even more savings on costs and time along with positively impacting our environment. 


Responsible Disposal of obsolete printers 

Devtech dispose of all old and defunct printers, MFDs and faxes in a responsible manner and in line with WEEE guidelines. Toners and ink cartridges can be recycled.  Epson offer a post back service for their ink cartridges.  When disposing your old printers, make sure to find out if they have a hard drive.  If so consider getting it taken out of the device and destroyed in line with GDPR requirements. 

Using reporting tools such as PaperCut and Epson Print Admin which can help track paper and toner consumption and in turn will help you control your assets in a cost effective manner.

Again we look forward to providing you with an insightful free audit 




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