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Riso Printers & The Environment


Energy Savings Are Built In

Making sure that all RISO printers are environmentally friendly is a key part of the design process at RISO. Features like Auto Power Off and Auto Sleep modes help reduce energy consumption when the printers are not in use. 

Energy Saving Mode lowers running costs by automatically turning the printer off or placing it in sleep mode after a user-selected period without operation. 

Choose from 5, 15, 30, 60, or 90-minute periods without operation before the printer turns off or enters sleep mode. Copiers and printers are the most significant source of power usage in an office setting, especially if left on all the time.

Power consumption figures do not always appear on office equipment; they are often labeled only with their peak power usage. When purchasing office equipment, look for the most efficient model and measure your investment against the cost savings over the life of the equipment.

Printing Without Heat – Reducing energy costs

In addition to the low energy usage of RISO full color printers, the lack of heating elements in the printing process eliminates the need for compensatory cooling, further reducing energy consumption and cost. This reduction in energy consumption in turn further reduces RISO full color printers’ carbon footprint – the amount of carbon dioxide emitted through combustion of fossil fuels that leads to ozone depletion. The heatless process also means higher reliability and durability, resulting in fewer maintenance calls that would require a technician to drive to the customer site for a repair job.

Low or No Emissions

Unlike electrophotographic printers, RISO printers are free from ozone emissions, toner particle emissions, silica dust, and other air pollutants. Also, RISO printers do not emit greenhouse gases. 

RISO products meet all Restriction of Certain Hazardous Substances (RoHS ) standards.  The RoHS Directive is the restriction of certain hazardous substances in electrical and electronic equipment in the EU market. ISO 14001 is an international specification for an environmental management system. 

Soy-Based Ink

RISO duplicator ink is soy based, which is more environmentally friendly than ink that is petroleum based. Soy inks contain lower levels of VOCs (volatile organic compounds); use of soy inks results in lower amounts of air pollution through reduction of toxic emissions. 


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