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Saving your organisation money with cutting edge print technology

If you are looking to manage all your printing needs with a fast cost effective office copier, and your school or office has a busy workload you should consider talking with us. Providing copies of up to 330 pages per minute and with 0% ozone emissions our copiers offer a range of abilities e.g. stapling,  booklet making and envelope printing to high-capacity feeders/stackers for all applications.

Saving schools money with cutting edge print technology

With budget pressure to the fore, growing classroom sizes and a requirement for rapid and reliable printing, Devtech can provide you with a Riso machine with the right solution for your setting.  No matter how complex your requirements may be, we can help you print with improved quality, reliability and versatility – with an eco-leading performance.

Education Print Solutions – Digital Duplicators

RISO is recognised as a world leader in digital duplicator solutions with unrivalled experience in designing, manufacturing and developing duplicators for organisations of all sizes.

RISO digital duplicators produce copies in run lengths that would be considered too long and therefore uneconomical for copiers and toner based printers.

You can also choose duplicators with different speeds, dpi, image area, ink system controllers and add extra value maximising performance.

Boost internal productivity with a printing solution.

RISO has helped a diverse range of organisations increase productivity and simplify workflows with innovative printing solutions.

From schools to SMEs to large corporations, our goal is to keep your running and maintenance costs down whilst freeing up valuable time.

Whether your top priority is improving cash flow, increasing customer satisfaction, expanding your offering or reducing your energy usage, we can ensure you have the right equipment to achieve your goals.

Effective printing can be key to a successful organisation.  Whether your existing printing infrastructure is inefficient, expensive, slow, outdated or prone to problems, we can deliver a tailored commercial printing solution that maximises performance and provide an excellent return on your investment.

Production Print Solutions

RISO’s high speed cut-sheet inkjet devices offer outstanding productivity with speeds of 330 A4 ppm and deliver low risk, low-cost production print with exceptional reliability.

Production Print

RISO can help whether you are looking to expand your business, service your students and staff, improve stability or maximise high volume loads.

With over 30 years’ experience, RISO have developed an innovative range of high-speed, high-capacity printers, providing ethical, eco-friendly production print solutions with rapid, efficient and robust solutions for commercial printers and in-house departments.

Built from the ground up to meet the demands of high-volume printing, our ComColor GL9730 and Valezus T2200 are ultra-fast cut sheet printers (165ppm & 330ppm).

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